Slab Roller

Bailey Mini Slab Roller and Venco Mini Slab Roller – Table top models
The Bailey 16″ Table Top Mini Slabroller is a fantastic slab tool for both professional and hobbyist. Its small, portable, and makes beautiful slabs every time. No need to clamp it down, just place it on your table and the rubber feet will hold it in place while you effortlessly roll your slab. Slab dimensions are 16″ by 18”. Assembly is required. *Please note the 16 inch slab roller comes with a canvas already.

Venco has manufactured their NEW Table Top Slab Roller. It’s small and lightweight frame will allow it to be placed on a desk or work bench. Perfect for the home potter.

It’s our NEW durable and lightweight table top roller. The table top roller is made from durable waterproof ply with removable side tables for easy storage. It has been manufactured with a double roller gear drive for easy rolling and it’s 460mm roller width means lots of clay can be rolled.

  • Waterproof Ply Tables
  • Double roller Geared Drive
  • Removable Side Tables
  • Easy Storage
  • Corrosion Resistant Gears
  • Lightweight @20kg



Slab Roller Dual Drive
These slab machines have two driven rollers which give consistency of compression on both sides of the clay, ensuring accuracy of thickness throughout the slab. Adjustment in thickness is variable from 5mm to 30mm and is instantly made from a double crank located on either side of the machine. These cranks raise or lower each side of the upper roller. The rollers do not move along the table, they remain stationary and bulk clay passes through the rollers whilst between two sheets of canvas. The sheets of canvas can be cleaned and washed very easily. Two lengths of canvas are supplied with the machine. The dual roller drives are operated through a series of gears, turned by a hand wheel of sufficient size to easily rotate. They are capable of rolling a slab any length by backing the machine up to a work table. The tables on either side of the rollers allow the making of a 700mm slab approx. The process is ideal for potters or schools requiring a wide thickness range of slabs or for performing sophisticated inlay work

WEB (103-3)Venco slab roller


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