Tissue Transfers

Made by a copperplate printing process which uses ceramic pigments, transfer papers come in a variety of designs and colours, some even creating a raised print on the finished surface. We also sell plain tissue paper so you can make your own designs see Designer Silkscreens for further information.

Ceramic transfer papers are easy to apply on both flat and curved surfaces and create instant decorating effects with little effort. Its as simple as applying a child’s tattoo. All you need to do is dampen the back of the transfer paper and press print side down on the surface you are working on. Leave for a few minutes before peeling off the paper to reveal the pattern. Once dry any additional embellishing can be done. If applying a glaze, take care by gently dabbing the first coat of glaze over the transfer pattern. Subsequent coats can be brushed on.
All our transfers are Japanese made, accounting for their high strength and excellent adhering properties onto raw clay, leather hard, greenware and bisque. They can be applied over painted or unpainted surfaces and finished with clear or transparent glazes and kiln fired to a broad range of temperatures from Cone 05-10. However, we recommend testing with your own glazes and kiln conditions. Please note firing will cause a slight colour change to the transfer pattern, so if matching colours, it is advisable to do a small test piece first.

The high quality and strength of these Japanese made transfers makes application directly onto raw clay, leather hard greenware and bisque so simple. Apply under or over clear or coloured glazes for stunning results and fire between 1100-1300 degrees C (Cone 03-9). It is recommended that the pink tones do not exceed a firing temperature of around 1150°C but black/blue transfers will fire to 1300°C.  We recommend you test others above 1080°C first.

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