Raku Glaze Recipes

Walker Ceramics supply a “Raku” base glaze EQB/ETB5381 (Brush on / Powder), which can be used to create a range of other colours or used on its own.   Raku clear glaze 5381 is available as both brush-on and powder.

The following table may be used as a guide to creating a range of Raku glazes.  The colours of these Raku glazes may vary according to the firing method used.  The recommended firing range is 980 – 1080°C.

Colour ETK5295 Code Stain Amount
Persian Blue 1kg BA250 Copper Carbonate 33 gm
Blue 1kg BA220 Cobalt Carbonate 16 gm
Amber 1kg BA500 Iron Oxide Red 40 gm
Grey Green 1kg BA680 Nickel Oxide 16 gm
Bright Green 1kg BA180 Chrome Oxide 24 gm
Blue Green 1kg BA250 Copper Carbonate 88 gm
Purple 1kg BA620 Manganese Dioxide 32 gm
Yellow 1kg BA960
Zircosil 5
Bright Yellow
76 gm
40 gm