Slip Trailers

Slip Trailers are used for trailing any liquid product – Slip, Glaze, Wunder or Design Colours, etc. These easily used trailers offer unlimited possibilities. Raised designs can be achieved by mixing colour or slip with Plyrite Binder.

There are two types of slip trailers that can be used for applying engobe; the rubber bulb or the decorator slip trailer kit. The application technique is the same.

This rubber bulb slip trailer is perfect for engobes and where large areas need to be covered.

The advantages of the decorator slip trailer kit type is that they have stainless steel nibs, are easy to fill, the bottles do not need to be emptied as they have screw caps and a variety of nib sizes are available, making them very versatile.


  • Always practice using the trailer on paper first to get the feel of the flow.
  • Slip trailing works best on bone dry‘ clay.
  • Always ensure the nib is fitted properly.
  • Shake the slip down to the nib to eliminate air bubbles.
  • Hold the slip trailer parallel to the surface of the clay and let the nib lightly touch the surface.
  • Do not hold the slip trailer like a pen – hold it in the palm of your hand, using your thumb to control the flow.
  • Never push the nib into the clay – the movement of the slip trailer should be the opposite of the direction in which the nib is pointed.
  • Never try to apply vertical lines onto a pot while it is standing upright – always turn the pot on its side and then apply.
  • A thick line is made by squeezing more and traveling more slowly.
  • A thin line is made by squeezing lightly and traveling faster.