About Us

At Walker Ceramics, Feeneys Clay and Cesco our aim is to use, from Australian sources, the best quality raw materials to produce our own range of bodies, glazes and colours for all aspects of ceramic production. We have extended our clay production with special bodies for production potters, particularly plastic vitreous porcelains, stoneware’s and White Midfire all as white as Australian materials will permit.

Our Imperial Porcelain 4317 (named after Geoffrey Walker) is our world class, fully ball milled, white, plastic, translucent Porcelain for all methods of production. We also produce low temperature white casting bodies, and middle and high  fire vitreous and translucent casting bodies.

New to Walker Ceramics production line are the well known Cesco Glazes and Underglazes. An extremely well known, extensive range of glazes and underglazes, they are now produced solely by Walker Ceramics in Victoria.

The colour range includes Design Colours – Liquid Colour Concentrates with the latest addition of a bright and vibrant Fire Crab Red FK25. There are 25 bright and exciting colours in the range that are superb at Earthenware and unrivaled at Stoneware. The Design Colour complement the classic Cesco Range of Underglazes – these are a pure ceramic colour ball milled with a specialist brushing medium.

For Opaque Liquid Underglazes check out our Wunder Colour Range – clay based underglazes that are like poster paint for clay. In the ceramic world’s continuous search for bright reds at stoneware we now have the Fire Crab Red, Cesco’s Bright Red, Wunder Colour Anzac Poppy Red as well as the Potters Stain Fire Engine Red FW5827. These colours are magnificent at Stoneware and very stable under a vast majority of glaze formulations.

Rare Earths – We have Erbium, Neodymium & Praseodymium Oxides for those extra special results….providing a stunning range of colours – Pinks for Erbium, Blues and Lavenders for Neodymium and Yellows to Lime Greens for Praseodymium…try the new sample kit to broaden your palette…..

Studio equipment includes a full range of Australian made Venco pug mills and pottery wheels, dual drive slab rollers, banding wheels and stainless steel hand extruders – also available on order are Axner & Brent Wheels as well as Laguna Spray Boothes and other specialist equipment.

The laboratory – staffed with fully ceramic qualified personnel, is continuously developing new glazes and colours to add to our hobby, industrial and educational range and are pleased to be consulted to satisfy your requirements.

Our production and service is aimed at excellence and our company expects to provide this standard. Consultations by appointment to schools can be arranged both in Melbourne and Canberra. Enquiries for any product or information not  included in this website are welcomed.
David Walker
BSc (Honours) Ceramics
Stoke on Trent (U.K.)
Walker Ceramics (Australia)