Walker Ceramics stocks an excellent range of practical and technical publications.  The titles cover all aspects of pottery and ceramics, including health and safety, kiln building and operating your own studio.

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Ceramics PostersCeramicsPosters
We stock a set of 14 Ceramics posters each 43x56cm. They illustrate and explain basic ceramics techniques and provides a very handy reference for students. Each poster includes step-by-step photographs to show placement of hands as well as cut forms to show cross sections.  Examples of finished work by leading ceramists are also shown.

Each poster is printed on heavy cardstock with holes for hanging and a protective UV coating, and the posters are packaged in a plastic bag for convenient storage and transporting to classrooms.  They can be mounted on the wall for class reference or used individually.

The 14 Ceramics Posters include:

Glazing Wedging Hump Moulds Pinch Pots
Centering & Throwing I Centering & Throwing II Centering & Throwing III Trimming
Coil Building I Coil Building II Slab Construction I Slab Construction II
Profiles of Pots Bisque & Glaze Firing

Classroom Projects

Need a book of simple projects or lesson plans for people who just need ideas and tips?Are you a teacher just put in charge of the Ceramics room and asked to teach the next  ceramics course, but have no text bookClayandColours, lesson plans or any other helpful information? Look no further!

Clay & Colour 1  – J. Gasson / Walker Ceramics

The ideal book for the teacher who has no text books, lesson plans or other helpful information.  50 full colour pages that include:

Constructing A Drape Mould Creating A Form Using A Drape Mould
Carving Colour and Terra Cotta Interesting Clay Surfaces
Colouring Clay Flat Tile Construction
Basic Slab Construction Firing Schedules For Clays

More Clay & Colour  – Jackie GassonMore Clay and Colour

A further book of projects and lesson plans.
Full colour pages with new and exciting projects for the classroom and potter.
Special handy hints and step by step guides to all techniques.




Project 3 - Totems

Project 3 – Totems

Project 1 - The Great Burger Caper

Project 1 – The Great Burger Caper

Project 2 - Line & Texture In Clay

Project 2 – Line & Texture In Clay

Walker Ceramics has developed these projects specifically for schools.  We have aimed to provide an approach that allows the projects to be adapted to all year levels.  Each project is bound and uses the same easy to follow format.
A project includes:-

  • a brief description of the project theme.
  • an outline of the techniques to be used.
  • the aims of the project.
  • the assessable objectives.
  • a list of materials & equipment required.
  • a lesson timeline using the standard 40 minute lesson allowance.
  • preparation notes for the teacher.
  • detailed lesson and construction notes.
  • firing instructions.
  • health and safety notes.
  • a glossary of terms.
  • provision for teacher’s notes.
  • a prepared assessment form.

These projects may be adapted to suit all year levels and the series provides a solid basis for the school program as they meet the national curriculum criteria. We invite feedback from teachers and photographs of exceptional work which may be included on our web site, acknowledging the school teacher and student.