Choosing a Pottery Wheel

The history of the pottery wheel can be traced back to Mesopotamia in 4000 B.C. Its use spread through the ages to all parts of the world.
Today it is normally motor driven and allows the potter to concentrate entirely on their hands and the clay and to sit whilst he or she works.
It is one of the major pieces of equipment in the studio along with the kiln.
When choosing a wheel, there are several points to be considered;pottery wheel

  • Your skill level and speed – the speed of a wheel is directly related to the skill of the potter using it; the faster the wheel head rotates,
    the more experienced the potter needs to be.
  • The size of the pieces you wish to throw – if you plan to make large ware in the future, you will need a wheel head that can take heavy
    amounts of clay i.e. larger wheel head, thicker shaft, speed lock control.
  • The space that you have available in your studio – there are different sizes of wheel and the selection will depend upon the floor space
    that you have.

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