Raw Materials

Our range of materials covers the requirements of both the studio potter and schools to make up clay bodies and glazes.  Some of the materials could be poisonous if not used in the prescribed manner.  All raw materials considered to be potentially hazardous are labeled accordingly.  For chemical analyses for our standard raw materials, please see our Typical Analysis Charts. For further information see our Table of Properties of Ceramic Raw Materials.

The latest addition to our range of stains are the beautiful Rare Earth Oxides  –  Erbium, Neodymium and Praseodymium Oxides for those extra special results …. providing a stunning range of colours  –  Pinks for Erbium, Blues and Lavenders for Neodymium and Yellows to Lime Greens for Praseodymium.

Please refer to our Miscellaneous Materials section to view other raw materials stocked and their uses.

All Material Safety Data Sheets are available in our resource section or in our online shop. Care should taken when handling all raw materials, with strict attention to hygiene and protective apparel requirements. See our Health and Safety fact sheet for more details.

If you can’t find a certain raw material check for alternatives in our resource section.