Other Studio Accessories

Banding WheelsHA7
The banding wheel is an important accessory for potters, individuals and teachers for decorating or hand building.  The wheel enables every aspect of the work to become accessible without the operator changing position or the work being handled.  Walker Ceramics stock steel and wooden banding wheels.

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Walker Ceramics stocks an extensive range of weathertex batts.  Sizes range from 152 mm (6 inches) to 305 mm (12 inches) in diameter.  We also stock plastic, masonite and rubber batt adhesion sheets
Batts can be used in a variety of ways:  on the wheel to alter the wheel head diameter, as a removable work board on the wheel to prevent distortion when taking pots off the wheel and as a work board for hand building.

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We also stock the full range of Easy Batts, visit our online shop.

Buckets,  Containers and Litre Weight BottleHC80
Our buckets come complete with securely fitting snap on lid and carrying handle.  A must for all studios.  Ideal for the storage of either wet or dry materials.

Plastic bottles, all with tight fitting screw-on lids for storage of glazes and colours.

Litre Weight Bottle – is used to calculate accurate litre weight measurement when mixing casting slips. Is supplied with a simple conversion chart and method to test the accuracy of your scales.

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Venco stainless Steel Wall Mounted Extruder
This stainless steel extruder takes the tedium out of creating handles.  It can be mounted on either the wall or the bench and comes with four punched dies and one blank die to get you started.
Blank dies are available separately  as well as a further set of eight shaped dies .

Venco LHG60arge Stainless Steel Extruder
Like our smaller model, the new unit features an all stainless steel barrel and frame. The barrel measures 13.5cm diameter and can hold up to 4kg of clay – perfect for larger section extrusions. The optional die set makes hollow extrusions, or can be used without the central blank for solid sections.

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Protective Apparel
Apron (Product Code HM10)
PVC waterproof aprons are designed to protect the clothing whilst working with both wet and dry materials.HM10
Gloves (Product Code HM45)
For use when handling hot ware, particularly useful for Raku firings.  We stock Heat Resistant Kevler Gloves measuring 305 mm long.
Masks(Product Code HM120)
Whenever powders are being mixed, or colours sprayed, a mask should be worn.

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Sieves & Meshes
HO600We stock the full range of Talisman Hand Held, Rotary and Test Sieves.

We even have a budget “bucket” sieve,  which you can place our 19cm diameter meshes in. Our meshes are stainless steel and are all interchangeable and rubber rimmed, ensuring a snug fit.  Meshes available:  30, 60, 80, 120, 200.

Refer to our fact sheet for further details on mesh sizing.

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Whether you are mixing slip powder or glaze powder you need accurate scales.HS114

Adam Electronic Balance Scales (Product Code HN113)
Model CQT1501 1500 / 0.1g

Adam Triple Beam Scales  (Product Code HN61)
TBP2610T Fixed Steel

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Spray Booth – Bench Top

MDNL354Streamlined 31″ design fits through most standard doorways.
The Pro-X is intelligent, economical and an environmentally sound choices for spraying virtually anything. Whether installed in studios, classrooms, production potteries or silk-screening operations, the Pro-X provides quality construction, total material recovery and fast, easy clean-up.

Dust is a concern, especially in the learning environment, where operations such as fettling, glaze mixing, etc. are performed.  In order to alleviate this problem, the booth has also been designed as a dust extraction unit. (optional extra)

This product range is imported from the USA and is individually costed at the time of enquiry.

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