Casting Powders

Walker Ceramics has a range of bodies in powder form suitable for casting.  They are available in 25 kg bags except for Terra Cotta Concentrate, which comes in 12.5 kg bags and fires to 1000-1100 C.  Preparation of casting slip from powder involves only the addition of measured amounts of water and deflocculants in a suitable mixer.
When purchasing pallet lots of our casting powders a current recipe will be attached to the outside underneath the plastic wrapping. Due to occasional variations in Australian raw materials, the required amounts of water and deflocculants can vary.  Please check the recipe each time to see any variation of the recipe from your last delivery.  Use this change as a guide to alter your own existing recipe.  Our recipes are issued as a guide only as water and local casting conditions may vary around Australia.  Follow the recipe mixing instructions to attain the best possible casting slip from your mixer.  Ideally slip should be run through an 80 mesh sieve prior to use to ensure the highest quality results.
Check the litre weight using Walker Ceramics Litre Weight Bottle and Chart for accuracy (Product Code HC80).  We suggest using our slip mixing records and charts for permanent historical records of slip recipes and solutions to mixing problems. We strongly recommend that casting slips should be tested for suitability prior to any bulk use.
Slips may be coloured with the addition of stains suitable for clay bodies.

To view our full range of casting powders and to obtain slip recipes visit our Online Shop.

Refer to our fact sheet ‘Mixing Casting Powders

Refer to our fact sheet ‘Casting with Slips