Bisqueware & Bisque Tiles


Walker Ceramics supply hand crafted bisqueware.  All you need are some colours, glaze and your imagination.

Although this ware has been bisque fired, care must still be taken when handling.  We suggest that during transportation bisqueware should be well wrapped in a padding type product (paper, bubble wrap) and placed in a box to avoid movement.

Similar care when firing must also be taken.  Although the ware that you have chosen UW9604has already survived the bisque firing be aware that mistreatment can cause problems during firing.

Bisqueware is available in Auscraft Ultra White (Stoneware) and PB103 (Earthenware) clay.

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Bisque Tiles

Create your own Decorative Tiles!
Great for the kitchen, bathroom, patio … the possibilities are endless.  All you need is –

  •   some bisque tiles
  •   a selection of Cesco Underglazes, Design Colours or Wunder Colours
  •   or underglaze pencils
  •   or Wunder Waves
  •   clear glaze
  •   and your imagination.

Suit all earthenware glazes—Walker & Cesco
Ideal for underglaze decoration then clear glazing with Walker or Cesco Clear
Strong, sturdy industrial grade earthenware wall tiles

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