Gulgong Clay Pit Closure causes Clay Reformulations

News Langton

Due to the imminent closure of the Gulgong Clay pit by Sibelco Australia we will be releasing reformulated bodies that used this clay.

Sibelco has stated that due to the decline in the industries using this clay it is no longer be viable to extract and stockpile clays from this pit. The current stockpile will probably last to mid 2015.

The Walker Ceramics Bodies affected are Imperial Porcelain 4317, Superior White Porcelain, PB103, Feeneys White Stoneware, White Midfire and Super White Earthenware.

We have already reformulated and released NEW Imperial Porcelain 4317 and Superior White Porcelain. We have reformulated PB103 and had extensive tests done on this new body by many professional potters who have been very happy with the body showing similar properties to the current 103. This “new” formulation will be released once the Gulgong stockpile is exhausted or if the quality changes! Samples of this body are available for testing now. We also feel that this new PB103 will prove a very good substitute for the Feeneys White Stoneware.

The White Midfire and Super White Earthenware are still being worked on and more information will be forthcoming as reformulation progress is made.